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    While you have been able to bet on sporting and other events online for over a decade now, bets have traditionally always had to be placed before the event started, or sometimes during breaks in play. This was due to the fact that sports betting websites were unable to update their odds in real time to reflect events on the field of play.

    You can now bet online, and through your mobile phone at any time!

    However, in recent years, this technical restriction has been overcome, and nowadays most of the major bookmakers offer live in-play betting on sports events such as football, motor racing, and cricket, with the odds changing constantly in order to reflect changes in the game.

  • How does it work?

    cogsTo explain how this works, let us consider the example of a Formula 1 Grand Prix. At the start of the race, the car in first position would probably have the shortest odds, and the car at the back would be most likely to have the longest odds. Let’s say that Lewis Hamilton has had a poor qualifying session and is starting from tenth on the grid. At the start of the race, you would probably get quite long odds on his winning the race. However, a few engine failures and overtaking manoeuvres later, and he could have moved up to third on the grid, at which point his winning odds would shorten considerably. If he then went on to win the race, you would have made a lot more money if you bet on him earlier in the race rather than later, so timing your live bets is all important.

    Live bets can also be used to hedge your bets if an earlier bet is starting to look unlikely to come off. For example, if you had bet on Lewis Hamilton to win earlier in the race, but by the midway point it looks like he is going to have to settle for second or third place, you could place another, smaller, bet on a podium finish. If he wins, you will still have made a profit, but if finishes third, you will not have lost as much as you might have done.

    Here at, we provide you with links to all the best online bookmakers that offer in-play sports betting, as well as comprehensive reviews of each one to help you decide where to place your live bets.

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    Whilst some online betting areas have become less popular over the years live betting has exploded in popularity. This is great news for players as it has increased the competition majorly and therefore increased the value of the bonuses they pass on to you! has a full comparison table of all the bonuses available through our approved live betting operators – click the link below to find out more.

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