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    live bingoBingo is one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of players around the globe. It has been around in one form or other for centuries, although the current version of the game has its origins in early 20th century America. In a game of bingo, a bingo caller pulls numbered balls out of a bucket at random, and reads out the number to the players in the hall, usually accompanied by a bit of ‘bingo lingo’ such as ‘legs’ eleven or ‘two fat ladies’ eighty eight.

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    The numbers are within a specified range, most commonly 75, 80, or 90. The players have one or more cards with some numbers from within this range on them, and when a number is called out, the players with that number on their card will mark or ‘daub’ that number.

    Prizes are given for the first player to have a line, two lines, or a ‘full house’ of three lines, although some versions of the game use patterns rather than lines. Players shout ‘bingo’ to notify the caller that they are the first to achieve any of these landmarks.

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    cogsIn a traditional game of online bingo, a random number generator is used to determine which numbers are called, with a text readout and sometimes a bank of sound samples to let players know the numbers in question. While this can be very good fun, it can feel a little hollow and repetitive, especially if you are hearing the same sound samples over and over again. In a game of live bingo, a real bingo caller is used, and this is broadcast live to online players via a video or audio stream.

    This makes for a much more exciting and unique playing experience. Players can communicate with the caller and other players via an instant messaging chat service, which helps to recreate the social buzz of a real bingo hall. At we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best live bingo games that the internet has to offer, as well as comprehensive reviews of all the main live bingo websites that are currently doing the rounds.

  • If you enjoy the playing online bingo, but are looking for something a little different than the standard auto games that are available on the internet, you should think about giving live bingo a try. Live bingo is an online version of bingo in which a real life bingo caller calls out the numbers live over a video or audio streaming link directly to your screen, this makes for a much more real and fun bingo experience. For all the best bonuses and special offers from the world of live bingo click through the link below.

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