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    baccarat diceBaccarat is a name given to a family of card games that all use a similar scoring system. The game has turned up in many a book, movie, and television series, but it is perhaps most famous for being the favourite card game of one James Bond 007.

    Bond, James Bond

    In the original Casino Royale novel, Bond is sent to bankrupt a millionaire gangster in a high stakes game of baccarat, but he fails in his quest, and this sets up the storyline for the rest of the novel. There are many different versions of the game, ranging from the bewilderingly complex to the surprisingly simple.

    Mini Punto Banco Baccarat

    The version that is played at most live casinos is known as mini punto banco baccarat, which is perhaps the simplest version of the game. In a game of this type, the croupier deals two hands – one called ‘punto’ (player), and one called ‘banco’ (banker). The player can then choose whether to bet on the punto hand, the banco hand, or a tie between the two. The winning hand is the one whose total has the highest last digit, so a hand containing a three and a four would have seven as the last digit, and this would beat a hand containing six and seven, totalling 13, with three as the last digit.

    The game of pure chance

    The rules determining how many cards are dealt are a little complex, but it is not really necessary to fully understand this in order to play the game, as it is a game of pure chance. This makes it easy for a novice to pick up and play without any prior knowledge of the rules, although it does make it a bit more fun if you fully understand what is going on. At, we have links to all the best live baccarat games on the world wide web, and in depth reviews of all of them to help you decide which live baccarat casino is going to be the right one for you.